How the Black Belt Brokerage System Works

Recruit, hire, and develop your commercial agents.

The Black Belt Brokerage commercial real estate agent development system is designed to meet the needs of busy brokerage owners, player-coaches, and sales managers who struggle to get their new agents producing. The most important part of hiring any new agent is what happens after joining your firm.

Your Daily Commercial Agent Development System

A six-month, daily development system enables your newer agents to quickly and confidently become Black Belt Brokers.

Topics Covered




Marketing – including SMM methods

Brand development

Best practices

Time management and more

How does the system keep the agents on track?

Game theory: graduating through 6 belt colors

Certificates for each of the belt levels achieved

Weekly mentor encouragements

Shorter lessons for greater comprehension

More downloadable content for learning on the go

Wrap up days to ensure completion

Weekly performance reviews

How soon can I expect them to start producing?

Within the first month or two!

Brokers receive daily guidance on:

Planning their work

Learning the company

Developing new business

Using a CRM and calendar to become proactive

Reviewing their daily progress

What makes the Black Belt Brokerage

Commercial Agent Development System different?

It’s an actual agent development system designed to transform them into highly productive agents quickly. It provides a greater focus on personal productivity and building success habits, learning best practices, and using their time effectively.

What makes it an actual onboarding system?
It integrates them with the company’s resources, tools, and platform.

What else does the system offer me?
  • A 12-session downloadable manager’s audio program
  • A one-page manager’s plan
  • A one-page recruiting plan
  • A facilitator’s guide
  • A progress reporting system, including checklists

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